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High-quality professional R&D team

Baiwei Electronics Company have a high-quality professional R&D team and have set up a system for technology development, assessment and production. At present, we have obtained more than 100 national patents, including touch technology, digital-analog integration technology, wireless remote control technology, intelligent thermostatic control technology, fully premix combustion control technology, adaptive control technology, and frequency conversion DC motor control technology.

Advanced equipment for R&D

Baiwei Electronics Company has 4 professional laboratories, which are the intelligent control technology center of gas appliances in Guangdong. The center has been equipped with many testing equipment such as EMC analyzer, EM1 test analyzer, ESD tester, spectrum analyzer, comprehensive performance tester, intelligent smoke analyzer.

Participation in important technical research projects

The company has participated in the drawing of “The Technology Roadmap of Guangdong Gas Appliances with Shunde National Testing Center for Gas Appliances and other unites. The company has also participated in the development and revision of the standard for the important components of gas appliances in Guangdong and even the country. Besides, it cooperated with the Guilin University of Electronic Technology and set up a joint innovation laboratory. Moreover, the company has set up the "Technology Innovation Center of Guangdong Baiwei Electronics Company" in Chengdu.