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BF-14/60Series proportio...
Description of functionsFunction description


Use silence& high pressure resistant technology


Gas proportional valve with permanent magnet


It is made up of a solenoid valve and an on-off proportional valve


With compact design and small size


Can be used in temperature constant gas water heater whose nominal heat loading is ≤26KW


When the power of proportional valve is disturbed,the valve will be closed automatically

    Main technical parameters    MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETER


Gas applicable : LPG, NG

电磁阀开阀电压: <21V

Valve open voltage : <21V

比例阀关阀电流: > 30 mA

Releasing current of proportional valve : > 30 mA

适用燃气压力: 5 kPa以下

Gas pressure allowable : ≤5KPA

电磁阀释放电压: >DC 2V

Valve releasing voltage : >DC 2V

绝缘电阻: > 100MΩ

Insulation resistance : > 100MΩ


Installation position : inclination≤ 5°

电磁阀线圈电阻: 110Ω±10%(20°C)

Winding resistance of solenoid valve : 110Ω土10%(20°C)

外部泄漏: ≤0.3ml/min(加压10kPa)

External leakage : ≤ 0.3ml/min(with 10kPa pressure)

电磁阀额定开阀电压: DC 24V

Nominal valve open voltage of valve : DC 24V

比例阀线圈电阻: 85Ω±10% (20°C)

Winding resistance of proportional valve : 85Ω±10%(20°C)

内部泄漏(截止阀) : ≤0.3ml/min(加压10kPa)

Internal leakage (on-off valve) : ≤ 0.3ml/min(with 10kPa pressure)

电磁阀额定维持电压: DC 12V

Nominal maintenance voltage of valve : DC 12V

比例阀驱动电流: DC 0~270 mA

Activating current of proportional valve : DC 0~270 mA

内部泄漏(比例阀) : ≤0.5m1/min(加压10kPa)

Intermnal leakage (proportional valve) : ≤0.5ml/min(with 10kPa pressure)

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